It fits in your ideas!

PLUS is a stackable modular geometric patterns inspired by architecture.

Its combinations and features are multiple and have the particularity to expand into three dimensions. Sculptural or wall, this system is made of three modules ; accessorized if necessary (cork seat cushions and porcelain serving dishes) and customized, it offers an infinite variety of spaces typologies and adapts to the desires and needs of everyone.

Think your concrete space design in 3D

With its unique conception you can assemble the PLUS modules in 3 dimensions.

Bertrand Jayr

“It fits in your ideas!”

This all system has been designed by the french artist and designer Bertrand Jayr who already pleased us with his great and poetic concrete accessories. We wanted to go one step further in our association and asked him to design “the perfect modular furniture” using our beloved material: concrete.

He came back with this very architectural design project where every pieces fits smoothly.

Combine them as you like

to create your own storage solution

The plus collection comes with two accessories to unleash unlimited space design!

Lyon Béton’s concrete quality

Our craftsmen at the factory have put a lot of attention on details to be sure that every pieces of the puzzle fits smoothly.
The unique design of Bertrand Jayr helps the blocks find their place naturally when assembled together. Then they won’t move even with heavy loads.

And of course you’ll find again our unique concrete blend that gives Lyon Béton furniture this lovely raw aspect combined with a soft and warm touch.