Water, sand, cement: These are the raw materials that excite, inspire, and challenge us.

Break the rules. Go where nobody has dared to go. That’s what we do best.

Seven years ago, we were tapped to design a line of 100% concrete furniture. The results were one-of-a-kind pieces, artisanal in approach and industrial in execution. While we rose up and met the challenge, our distributor thought the endeavor was too risky and puled out. So we decided to sell our inventory ourselves. Lyon Béton was born.

Since then, we've cemented our reputation as a leader in concrete furniture.

From Lyon to Jacksonville to Oslo, today we sell our unique creations around the world. We’re as committed as ever to thinking outside the (sand)box, and by pushing our raw material to its limits, we’ve designed a product that’s as durable as it is contemporary.

3 things you should know about our concrete furniture

  1/ It’s heavy. But then again, beauty has a certain heaviness to it, too. 2/ It’s sturdy. But not indestructible. If your whole family starts bouncing up and down on one of our dining tables, it will break. Trust us. We’ve tried. 3/ It takes a little TLC. But give it the care it deserves, and it will last for generations. Your grandchildren will thank you.

Innovation is a team effort.

At Lyon Béton, we’ve given free rein to three madcap designers, Bertrand Jayr, Henri Lavallard Boget, and Alexandre Dubreuil, who are as enthusiastic about concrete as designers in the 1950s were about plastic. Their designs range from the offbeat to the harebrained; and the end result is iconoclastic and astonishing–“iconoclastonishing,” if you will. If you’re a designer looking to mix it up, give us a call.

Urban art is a constant source of inspiration for us at Lyon Béton.

Our latest product line, FRAG, combines our expertise in concrete with the eye-catching images of working graffiti artists. FRAG is a collaborative series of concrete pictures ready to hang on your wall, like slabs of pavement picked right up off the street. check our URBAN ART collection