At LyonBéton we like the connection.

In order to develop new concrete products, we like to collaborate with artists and designers whose talents are complementary to our approach.

Being specialists in the implementation of cement mortars and constantly wishing to put this material in value, the spirit of the creation of the object or graphics must induce a justification of the use of our material. The concrete and the work must complement each other to form a logical and coherent whole.

The field of creation concerns the furniture, the furnishing objects and the decorative objects for the designer artists; printing on concrete for graphic artists.

With regard to objects, we appreciate the following aspects: Humor, practicality, diversion.

If you have recognized yourself in this process, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. If you want to accompany your message with large attachments, please give priority to specialized services (WeTransfer, dropbox …).

Want to make something in concrete with us?

You can contact directly Joanny Provent by phone or email.

Joanny Provent


06 21 80 38 65