Street slab

Since emerging in the 1960s, urban art has remained one of the most dynamic and beloved forms of popular art.

Sixty years later, you think somebody would’ve come up with a way to bring urban art from the street into the home. Alas.

That’s why Lyon Béton created FRAG—to give graffiti artists and street artists a new platform for their work.

FRAG is made to handle all kinds of street art, from spray paint to collage, chalk to mosaics, and more … And if you send us a digital file, we can print your artwork directly onto a slab.

FRAG comes in seven sizes, each paying homage to that classic staple of any artist’s studio, the stretched canvas. Artist, gallerist? Be sure to pick up some blank FRAGs

Our Frag concrete canvas printing service

We’re excited to offer custom, fine-art-quality printing (the art-world standard) on all of our Frag slabs. Our ink is highly resistant to UV exposure, ensuring that your artwork won’t fade, even out in the sun. Our high-quality printing process has allowed us to work with the most exacting clients, such as the Galerie Brugier Rigail in Paris, for whom we’ve created concrete Frag prints of work by Miss.Tic and RNST, among others. Whether you’re an artist, a gallerist, or just a dabbler, drop us a line—we’ll you help print your work directly to concrete.

You must be thinking: if we can print on a FRAG, then surely we can offer custom printing for any of our concrete tabletops, right? Sure can. Getting any ideas yet?

How to mount FRAG on a wall

Our mounting system is simple, completely invisible, and easy to install on any kind of wall. Each FRAG slab has a hollow back, just like a piece of stretched canvas, and weighs no more than a wall-mounted mirror. To mount your FRAG, just drill two level holes, using any appropriate anchors. Screw in the two hooks included with your FRAG. And there you go! Nothing left but to hang your FRAG slab from the hook and it will sit flush against your wall. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call.