Concrete furniture as storage solution

Think concrete for your next storage solution

Have you ever considered using concrete furniture to tidy your living space up?

Some of our concrete furniture collections have been specially designed to store your books, records, Hifi equipment, decorative accessories, plants… They are also fully modular and can be combined to fit your space and your desires.

The concrete, raw and discrete material, allows to highlight your favorite decorative items.

Do not hesitate: tidy up!


Minimalism and modularity

The creative intention of our designers was to delete all unnecessary lines to be as close as possible to pure minimalism. No visible juncture, no screws, no mounting. The use of raw concrete moves the minimalist intention to brutalism.

Mix S, M and L concrete unites to create a multitude of combinations : room divider, shelving unit, end table, stool, coffee table, bench…

  • -40% Meuble en béton - Monobloc - Module de rangement M

    Monobloc – Module de rangement M

    288,54  172,54 
  • -50% Meuble en béton - Monobloc - Module de rangement L

    Monobloc – Module de rangement L

    408,08  203,08 


Concrete architecture made easy for your home

PLUS is a stackable modular geometric patterns inspired by architecture.

Its combinations and features are multiple and have the particularity to expand into three dimensions. Sculptural or wall, this system is made of three modules ; accessorized if necessary (cork seat cushions and porcelain serving dishes) and customized, it offers an infinite variety of spaces typologies and adapts to the desires and needs of everyone.

Shelving room divider, space saver, coffee table, Hifi set storage, bed side table, stool or bench… Let your ideas run wild.

It fits in your ideas and get assembled as easy as Lego bricks!

  • Meuble en béton - Plus - Module de rangement #01

    Plus – Module de rangement #01

  • Meuble en béton - Plus - Module de rangement #02

    Plus – Module de rangement #02

  • Meuble en béton - Plus - Module de rangement #04

    Plus – Module de rangement #04



4 cubes to create everything

For your indoor our outdoor, these storage cubes made out of black anthracite concrete invite you to design your living space.
With their square shape, you can create your own furniture : shelves, coffee table, Hifi set storage, log holder…

Buy the set of 4 cubes to get a discount

  • D-09016-40-storage-cube-04

    Krawl – Lot de 4 cubes de rangement