pics by Naoya Fujii of a Tadao Ando’s building


1. Stack

2. Enjoy

Being unique with a cube system is a good challenge for a designer. Add to that the constraint of using concrete and the Lyon Béton’s team made my day.

I look around the field of architecture for inspiration. The nod to Tadao Ando was a no brainer for me. The rest of the story is just about playing with proportions and rubber 🙂 Alexandre Dubreuil


Detail of the rubber connectors

At least, an elegant solution for vinyl lovers!
(that works for comics fans too)

If the internal height of DICE is 32 cm, that’s not a coincidence.
It’s a constraint we gave to the designer because we didn’t know how to store our own records collection.

So, whether you saved the only 15 decent vinyls of Dad’s collection or are as bulimic as Q-Tip, you’ll love DICE.
It’s the most elegant way to store your 12!

(By the way, 32 cm is also good for comics)

Dice is not a furniture.

It’s a system!

A concrete cube as a storage unit is already cool.
Double the concrete cubes, it doubles the cool.
Question. How cool can be 10 CONCRETE CUBES?

When you’ve got cubes, you want to stack them. It’s a child reflex. And because the Lyon Béton’s team is a bunch of  grown up childs, we improve the system to play safely.

Dice cubes comes in 2 sizes and with connectors made out of rubber. Thanks to them, you stack your cubes with style. They holds together smoothly and always have the same gap between them (horizontally and vertically).

You love to mix materials?
Here comes the half connector. With it, you can build an hybrid furniture with our concrete cubes and every kind of board you want : wood, marble, glass, smoked glass, plexiglass, smoked plexiglass (yes, we do love smoked thinks)… and still have the exact same gap between all the elements.

How many do you need ?