our unique concrete


The recipe of our concrete

We are not going to reveal our secret recipe, but like all concrete mixes, ours is made of water, sand and cement. It is the balance between these three ingredients, which we have been working for over 5 years, which makes our concrete unique. To this we add fiberglass to make our concrete lighter and stronger. Some of our concrete furniture is reinforced with iron and / or a metal grid.

The unique finish of our concrete furniture.

When you buy concrete furniture at Lyon Concrete, you can be sure to buy real concrete.

Not a resin resembling concrete or worse, wood with a concrete imitation paint. We are convinced that concrete should not be flat and smooth. That’s why you will always find microbubbles on our concrete furniture and accessories. That’s how we love him. But we have tips to make it soft and warm to the touch while keeping its raw appearance. The first step is to choose the right material to make the mold depending on the end result you want to achieve. Here again we have our little secrets that we will not reveal. And of course our craftsmen carefully clean the molds before each use.

When the concrete is dry (and we are, it’s a crucial step in the concrete manufacturing process), it’s time to work on the finishes. We proceed to a very fine sanding of the surface. This is what gives this unique and very soft connection to our concrete furniture.

Protection of our concrete furniture

Finally, all our furniture is protected with a water and oil repellent solution to protect them from the tasks (… we have children …). This treatment is not eternal. If you wish to preserve it, we advise you to clean your concrete furniture with a soft cloth without acids or solvents. If you really want to permanently protect your furniture tasks you will need to renew this protection from time to time. We recommend using specific products for the maintenance of natural stone. This Lithofin Concrete Furniture Care and Cleaning Kit offers a complete protection solution for your concrete furniture. But some of our customers like to see their furniture age and skate over time and therefore not protect them at all. So to you to see.