Protection and care kit for concrete furniture by Lithofin


You’ll find three products in this kit to protect your concrete furniture:

  • MN Multi-cleaning 0,5l: concrete surface deep cleaning before treatment
  • MN Fleckstop 0,25l: Invisible solvent-based stain protection for concrete
  • MN Easy Clean Spray 0,5l: Everyday cleaning sprayer for your concrete top
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All our concrete furniture are already treated with an oil and water repellent from the German brand Lithofin that we’ve tested and are very satisfied with.

This treatment has to be renewed if you want to keep away stains from your concrete furniture.
In this Protection and Care Kit for concrete, you’ll find a bottle of this treatment, the MN Fleckstop.

You will also find a bottle of MN Multi-cleaning to remove deep stains on your concrete furniture if it happens anyway.

The last thing you’ll find on this Protection and Care Kit for concrete is a cleaning solution sprayer without solvent to use as a daily solution to clean your concrete table top: the MN Easy Clean Spray.


The water and oil repellent tested with Soya sauce and water to protect our concrete table top