Hauteville – Plywood Feet Chair


This version of the d’Hauteville concrete chair incorporates wooden feet for a warmer rendering. The balance between brutalism and elegance is still present. The wooden feet are made of birch plywood generally used in construction.The concrete shell of the seat perfectly matches body’s curves. It’s very soft to the touch and extremely comfortable. Caress the outside of the seat and you will understand that the brutality of the first creative intention remains intact.

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A successful urban quest

It all starts during an urban exploration in the attic of a disused sanitarium where the designer Henri Lavallard Boget found a 50’s resin shell. It was the beginning of a rough and creative adventure that ends up with a great collection of unique concrete chairs.

Introducing the Hauteville concrete chairs family

And now, with wooden feet

This variant of Hauteville chairs includes a birch plywood base. The concrete shell remains the same. The wood brings a little sweetness and warmth to these iconic chairs. Birch plywood has a clear hue that blends well with concrete to give it more Scandinavian tones.


More pictures of Hauteville concrete chairs collection in these shooting sessions

At Stamtich

Céline and Nicolas welcomed us with our concrete chairs and concrete furniture for an great shooting session in their lovely café/restaurant where Alsace's food meets Lyon's culture. One of the best address in this neighborhood. Our concrete chairs and bar stools fits...

Chez Yann

Our friend and architect Yann let us invade his modern, yet vintage, interior design appartement for a short shooting session of some of our concrete furniture and accessories. Once again concrete furnitures and accessories make a great effect when mixed with vintage...

What makes our concrete unique

We won't give you our secrete recipe (we’ve been working on the perfect proportioning for more than 5 years), but like every concrete, our blend is made of water, sand and cement.
We also add a pinch of fiberglass to make our concrete lighter and more resistant. Some of our products are reinforced with rebars and/or a wire mesh.

You will always find visible pores and micro-cracks on our concrete furniture and accessories because we love concrete like this. But we have little tricks to give it a soft and warm touch...


  • Any pores, micro-cracks, and variations in color are due to the material's inherent and charming nature
  • Product comes with pre-applied finish that protects the integrity and natural look of the material
  • Never use abrasive materials, solvents, acids, or high pressure cleaners when maintaining the product
  • To clean, use a soft, clean cloth
  • It's recommended to regularly apply wax or water/oil repellents normally used for stone, marble, and concrete

For a complete care solution, we recommend this protection and care kit for concrete furniture by Lithofin.

Additional information

Weight 10.00 kg
Dimensions 45.50 x 46.00 x 78.50 cm



Need more?

More details Seat heigth: 48 cm
Technical description Glass fiber reinforced concrete, birch plywood
Finishing Natural Concrete Look
Assembly instructions https://www.lyon-beton.com/ai/DL-09181-PL-004.pdf