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an autumn shoot in a very warm place

When it’s cold and humid outside, we all love to enter a comfortable home. This may surprise you, but concrete furniture and accessories can give a warm and modern look to your interior design. share

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good wine, good beer, good cheese!

Discover Alsatian’s cuisine, the modern way. A very friendly moment at Stamtich and some new pics of our concrete furniture. share

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En Attendant Septembre

Our favorite store specialized in natural wines.

Of course, we took the opportunity to buy a nice bottle. A Ventoux 2015, Le Clos de T. A perfect pairing with the selection of cheeses we had for lunch. share

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Made to be shared. But to good to be shared.

Today is Thursday. The weather is nice, it is 10:00 and we have an appointment at Toké, still in our favorite district of 7th in Lyon. On the menu, a short photo session of our Hauteville chair, with its famous wooden feet. share

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