good wine, good beer, good cheese!

Discover Alsatian’s cuisine, the modern way. A very friendly moment at Stamtich and some new pics of our concrete furniture. share

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a day of

an autumn shoot in a very warm place

When it’s cold and humid outside, we all love to enter a comfortable home. This may surprise you, but concrete furniture and accessories can give a warm and modern look to your interior design. share

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Dice Hi-Fi

the concrete storage solution in high fidelity

When we asked designer Alexandre Dubreuil to come up with a modular storage system for vinyl record collections, we weren’t sure what we’d get.

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Welcome to Yann's apartment, a brillant architect and a friend of us.

Our friend and architect Yann let us invade his modern and vintage interior design apartment for a short shoot of some of our concrete furniture and fixtures. share

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