Jordane SAGET x Lyon Béton

A few years ago Jordane SAGET was stuck inside his apartment filling tons of paper with lines. He then needed more space and liberty. Today, Jordane SAGET is everywhere !

Seduced by our concrete frames FRAG, He wanted to go further. His chalks overrun our concrete coffee tables, consoles or stands to create unique numbered editions of concrete furniture.

The Jordane SAGET x LYON BÉTON's capsule collection

  • Concrete Coffee Table enhanced by Jordane Saget Street Artist

    Perspective – L Coffee Table – Ligne 6 by Jordane SAGET

    1 446,00 
  • Concrete Side table enhanced by Jordane SAGET Street Artist

    Perspective – Side Table – Ligne 5 by Jordane Saget

  • Concrete Stand enhanced by Jordane SAGET Street Artist

    Perspective – Stand – Ligne 3 by Jordane Saget


Jordane SAGET works on FRAG too

Discover Jordane SAGET artworks made on concrete frames FRAG.