Twist and share

Delicate yet sturdy

Our twist collection, which consists of a concrete coffee table and a concrete side table, tells the story of a harmonious juxtaposition of form and material, inertia and motion.

On one side: concrete. Solid, straight, mineral. Concrete anchors each piece while structuring your living space.

the shadows of the perforated metal tray on the concrete coffee table top

Our idea of lace

On the other side: metal. A slender piece of round openwork, the rotating tray table brings finesse to the final product.

the shadows of the perforated metal tray on the concrete coffee table top

Your new best friend (the end table, not the Calvados)

The best thing to happen to your living room since the invention of the remote control.

your computer on the rotative tray of this concrete top coffee table

Anything good on Netflix?

The metal tray table rotates on an off-center axis, extending toward you when you need it.

A gentle nudge and it moves right back out of your way.

Each piece in our TWIST collection has a rotating component. But you probably figured that out already.

Moving parts like these are usually fragile. But not to worry: like all of our furniture, our TWIST collection is built to last a long time — a very long time. Moving parts included.

Despite the sturdy design, we’ve carefully treated each detail to make sure that the end result is really quite elegant.

"Twist and share!"

For this collection, I set out to reimagine the basic functions of trays and drawers. Why pull and push when you can twist?

Well, shake it up, baby, now. Twist and shout share!

Alexandre Dubreuil, designer of our Twist collection, among others …