Life in progress

Life is too short to wait.

Just like the too well known digital loading icon, the LIFE IN PROGRESS concrete clock makes visible the inexorable passage of the time.

Its smooth and quiet mechanism and its dial without apparent number foster a non-segmented representation of time. It’s an invitation to bear in mind the meaning of life.

BAMOCK’s art on concrete canvas

Constructivisme / lines / spray paint / strong colors / adhesive tape / repetitive patterns

Bamock’s art is unique and recognizable. He uses to work on a lot of media : canvas, glass bottles, paper, metal… But concrete is for us the best servant of his brutalist style.

Want to build your own storage unit?

PLUS as been designed by French artist and designer Bertand Jayr.

We asked him to design the perfect modular furniture using our beloved material: concrete. He came back with this very architectural design project where every pieces fits smoothly.

The unique design of Bertrand Jayr helps the blocks find their place naturally when assembled together. It’s as easy as playing with Legos!