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Bak at l'Arbuissonnière

Bak at l'Arbuissonnière



April, 2021

A couple of our friends recently changed their lives to embark on a very respectable adventure: making good wine!

Jean and Stéphanie have recently settled in the Beaujolais region in Arbuissonnas, they have named their small wine estate, partly Beaujolais Village and partly Brouilly, l’Arbuissonnière. We let you discover why on their website.

Le village d'Arbuissonnas en Beaujolais
concrete sink

At the time of the shoot, there was no wine to drink yet, so we were mostly interested in their building, before the renovation and just after the demolition. Construction sites are one of our favorite places to take pictures of our concrete sink.

So when on top of that, we can enjoy the Mont Brouilly in the background and a beautiful light, we jumped at it.

concrete sink
concrete sink
concrete sink
concrete sink

Bak, the concrete sink that can be installed either as a drop-in or as a vessel

The message we wanted to send with these pictures is that no matter how far along your home project is, if you have fallen for the design of our concrete sink, buy it without hesitation. You will always manage to install it in your home in a harmonious way. The simplicity of its lines and the neutral tone of the concrete material allow it to be combined with almost any type of support: from modern furniture to an old converted workbench. Its unique design allows it to be installed either as a drop-in or as a vessel, making it even more versatile.

The first cuvée is bottled!

Since these shots, their project has moved forward. The house is finished as well as two guest houses in which they can welcome tourists, seminars and training sessions. But above all, the first cuvée has been bottled and labeled for only a few days.

concrete sink
concrete sink

Jean and Stéphanie made the choice to convert the estate to organic farming as soon as they arrived. They do not have the label yet, but it will be soon. We were lucky enough to taste it. It’s a great success. But you should ask Jean to tell you everything about it. So if you are in the area, don’t hesitate to pay them a visit.

Products of the shooting