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Table: noun. A piece of furniture that serves above all to foster a sense of community. Homo erectus had the hearth, modern man has the table. Sometimes more than one.



SEAT: noun. A piece of furniture that should be comfortable, even when made out of concrete. If you are not comfortable, check to make sure you're not seated on the coffee table.



STORAGE: noun. Any kind of furnishing that lets you show off the objects that inspire you - and keep out of sight the one that don't. If your storage solution looks good, all the better. So long Billy.



ACCESSORY: noun. Decorative element that helps your home stand out. When it's thoughtfully chosen, of course.



FRAG: noun. 4 cm of raw concrete. A flat surface that is smooth to the touch, while retaining the raw look of concrete with its micro-bubbles and slight cracks, well known to urban art artists.

Notre table basse Twist avec son plateau en métal noir accessoirisé d'un jeu de Go

Inspiring words

Coffee table

ref. CNQPNTS-002

EUR 1685

Inspiring words

Coffee table

ref. CNQPNTS-003

EUR 1200
This concrete pedestal table designed by designer Bertrand Jayr for Lyon Concrete, with its integrated glass globe, is a piece of furniture to use according to your desires.


Accent table

ref. 10129

EUR 390
Table basse moderne en béton avec une niche de rangement du designer Bertrand Jayr pour Lyon béton


Coffee table

ref. 10103

EUR 1100

Dice large

Storage module

ref. D-09173

EUR 410

Dice medium

Storage module

ref. D-09572

EUR 295

Out of stock

A glimpse of the pattern molded in the concrete of our Donut bistro table

Donut cutaway

Bistro table

ref. 10102

EUR 530
the rectangular Donut bistro table on a country metal balcony

Donut rectangular

Bistro table

ref. 10101

EUR 530
the ballast of the Donut table is decorated with a low relief pattern inspired by Bauhaus design

Donut round

Bistro table

ref. 10100

EUR 530

Out of stock


TV bench

ref. D-09546

EUR 750

Monobloc Rectangular

Coffee table

ref. D-09545

EUR 790

Perspective 1300x700 black

Coffee table

ref. 10125

EUR 690
Detail of the wooden tinted matt black oak tabletop of the Sharp dining table by Bertrand Jayr

Sharp oblong 1800

Dining table

ref. SHRP-001

EUR 3490
Dining table with a concrete base and black oak plated tabletop

Sharp round 1400

Dining table

ref. SHRP-003

EUR 3440
Brutalist detail of the concrete foot of the Sharp dining table by designer Bertrand Jayr

Sharp square 1400

Dining table

ref. SHRP-002

EUR 3440
Zoom on the concrete coffee tables

Strut the pill

Coffee table

ref. 10133

EUR 790
Vintage candle holder on the concrete and glass coffee table from the Strut's collection from Lyon Beton

Strut the square

Coffee table

ref. 10135

EUR 790
Black and white picture of the Twist pedestal table on which is placed a vintage coffee pot


Side table

ref. D-09400-PE-014

EUR 590
The Twist coffee table with its concrete top and its second black metal top fits perfectly in a Haussmannian apartment


Coffee table

ref. S-09260-PE-011

EUR 1250

Bistrot Round

Bistro table

ref. DL-09071_SL-115

EUR 370

Bistrot Square

Bistro table

ref. DL-09070_SL-131-1

EUR 390