Twist and share

Delicate and robust

The twist collection tells the story of a harmonious opposition of shapes and materials, of inertia and movement.

On one side: concrete.
Solid, mineral, straight. It anchors the furniture and organizes your living space.

the shadows of the perforated metal tray on the concrete coffee table top

Our vision of lacework

On the other side: metal.
Fine, openwork, light, all in roundness, with this rotative tray that gives a feeling of lightness and delicacy.

the shadows of the perforated metal tray on the concrete coffee table top

Your new best friend (the side table, not Calvados)

Probably the best invention for your living room since remote control.

your computer on the rotative tray of this concrete top coffee table

What’s new on Netflix?

The metal tray rotates on an off-center axis to expand towards you when you need it.
A slight flick and he wisely takes his place to give you some space.

continuous movement

All twist items have a rotating element; but you’ve already noticed that.
Mechanical parts are often the weak spots. But there’s nothing to worry about on that side. Like everything we design, this piece of furniture is made to last a long, very long time. Mechanical part included.
If everything is designed to be robust, we have not neglected to treat every details so that the result is really elegant.

« Twist and share ! »

The twist collection was for me an opportunity to redefine basic functions like a tray or a drawer. Why pull if you can spin?
Well, shake it up, baby, now. Twist and shout share.
Alexandre Dubreuil, designer of twist collection, among others…