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LB FEAT. cinqpoints

November 25, 2022

LB FEAT. cinqpoints

Cinqpoints is a French brand that creates and publishes games, stationery products and office accessories around the culture of architecture.

If you follow the Lyon Béton brand, you know our passion for architecture. Just like the architects we admire, we are obsessed with the aesthetics of form, the harmony of ratios and the use that humans will make of our creations.

We found this obsession at cinqpoints and its founder Larence Calafat. The universe she has created around the culture of architecture through her own creations and her selection of products is of a rare harmony. You might think that the company only targets architects with its minimalist stationery products, games and office accessories, but the vocation of cinqpoints goes beyond this. It is with the general public, including children, that it aims to spread the work of architects.

Discover their unique world on

cinqpoints classy office supplies for architectes and design lovers

When we discovered the work of cinqpoints, we immediately wanted to do something together.
With concrete as a support, we decided to print artworks imagined by cinqpoints.

The first one is almost their mantra which also speaks well to us: “Architecture is everywhere, you just have too look at it.”

The second is a playful tribute to the great architects who inspire them: “Play with the masters of architecture”.

The latter is declined on a Frag concrete frame to be hung on the wall but also on the concrete top of the Twist coffee table and the the tables from the Perspective collection. If you have a chalk at hand, you can play while sipping your favorite drink.