Dice Hi-Fi

the concrete storage solution in high fidelity

Alexandre Dubreuil designer of DICE furniture system

Alexandre Dubreuil, the designer of our DICE collection

Greetings, lovers of Hi-Fi and vinyl!

When we asked designer Alexandre Dubreuil to come up with a modular storage system for vinyl record collections, we weren’t sure what we’d get.

Dubreuil blew us away with his creation, a system with two different stackable modules, each with an internal height of 32cm (12″) that’s perfect for holding our precious LPs. The modules stack as easily as LEGO bricks and can be adapted to fit any space and to meet the needs of any Hi-Fi stereo setup.

DICE's look was inspired by modern architecture. It is made of 100% pure concrete, nothing more. Or so it might seem.

Alexandre Dubreuil designer of DICE furniture system

DICE, the modular home furnishing system designed for your Hi-Fi equipment, your turntable, and your LP collection

But our designer went one step further and took on the sworn enemy of audiophiles everywhere: unwanted vibrations!

that's not a good Hi-Fi setup

You might have to turn down the bass

The anti-vibration combination

Concrete is already pretty good at reducing unwanted vibrations. It’s rigid, dense, and heavy. Marble has similar properties. But at Lyon Béton, concrete is our specialty.
Then, rubber connectors stabilize the units and, above all, absorb unwanted vibrations by decoupling the furniture and the floor and also each concrete module.
We’ve struck a good balance between “hard” and “soft,” which greatly improves the acoustics of any Hi-Fi stereo system.
Our heavy modular storage system is well adapted to lighter turntables, like those by REGA, that require a stable surface to limit certain vibrations.

The famous rubber connectors

Let's levitate concrete.

Purists paying close attention will point out that turntables should be kept apart from amplifiers to limit vibrations. They’re right. It’s just that our Artistic Director’s Beosystem 5500 is so photogenic when it’s all stacked up.

With only 2 or 3 modules, you can create a unique furnishing system that houses your Hi-Fi equipment, your turntable, and more than 200 records.

Nice looking storage for your Hi-Fi unit, your vinyl records and more

DICE also leave space for a bar.
Cognac and Coltrane, anyone?

Let's talk about storage

The large module is 69 cm (27″) across, wide enough to house a high-quality amplifier, while leaving enough room to keep the unit from overheating and to give you easy access to its back panel.

Each module has an internal height of 32 cm (12″), just tall enough to accommodate your Hi-Fi components and perfect for organizing your vinyl records. Each module can hold more than 200 LPs.

The square module has an internal width of 32 cm. You can store a hundred vinyl records per module.

Mix materials to make a custom furnishing system that holds even more records.

If you have a collection the size of Cut Chemist's, you might not be ready yet for a full concrete makeover. Not to worry. Our designer's got your back.
The concrete modules can be combined with other furnishings and shelving made from different materials, like glass and wood, thanks to the "half-connectors."

The best way to store large vinyl records collection

the rubber half-connectors

The connectors provide a 5 mm buffer between the modules and anything they touch, ensuring protection from unwanted vibrations.

The best way to store large vinyl records collection

A combo: concrete modules and birch plywood

The best-looking (and best-sounding) concrete Hi-Fi storage system

Thanks to its sleek and architecturally inspired design, our vinyl record and Hi-Fi stereo storage solution has an exceptionally high WAF, which is rare when it comes to furniture specifically meant for your sound system.

build your own storage solution in concrete

Acoustically efficient, with a WAF approaching zero.

build your own storage solution in concrete

Dare unprecedented combinations.

Want to upgrade your vinyl storage solution to something more efficient AND better looking?
We're offering bundles at reduced prices, but if you're looking for something different, don't hesitate to call us.