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November 24, 2023

Our Hauteville concrete bar stools in a modern yet warm project

Retreat by Darlene Molnar

For this villa overlooking the wide Patuxent River in Maryland, interior designer Darlene Molnar assumes a very modern style while combining it with furniture coming from or inspired by the Midcentury period. our concrete bar stools It’s not a surprise to find here our concrete bar stools from the Hauteville collection that by themselves incarnate […]


September 17, 2023

Our concrete furniture on exhibit at Papotte, probably the most stylistic vacation complex in France


PAPOTTE is located in the heart of a restored 15th-century mill in Burgundy, France. Papotte’s 4 uniquely charming vacation houses can accommodate 2, 4, 6 or 15 people in a magnificent natural environment. Papotte hasn’t stopped there to ensure you have a dream stay, and offers a total experience in their universe. A café that […]


June 03, 2023

Our concrete counter stools at Berkshire Residence

Berkshire Residence

The Brooklyn-based architecture studio Of Possible, designs a beautiful construction for a very structured program. The house is located in rural Sheffield, Massachusetts, among the wooded hills of the Berkshires. A region where Appalachian wilderness and historic colonial towns coexist. The program sponsors grew up on the property in an old colonial house that had […]


June 29, 2022



During the tuberculosis epidemic of the nineteenth century, the town of Hauteville in eastern France was home to a number of large sanatoriums dedicated to caring for tuberculosis patients.

Shooting sessions

November 02, 2020

Donut concrete bistro tables at Le Commerce

Donut at the Commerce

It’s Wednesday, September 30th, and we’ve got an appointment at Le Commerce, a swanky bar in Lyon’s 7th arrondissement. Those who follow us know, it’s our favorite part of town. Our mission: to photograph our new concrete bistro tables collection. It’s the big day, and at last, we get to unveil Donut, a collection of 3 […]

Concrete chairs and concrete seats

It sounds crazy but yes, we did a whole collection of concrete chairs, concrete armchairs, concrete bar stool and more. And you know what? If you’ve done it with the right angle and curvature, it’s super comfy. After a bunch of prototypes we’ve found the perfect match.

The Hauteville concrete chair

It begins with the Hauteville concrete chair. Once upon a time, the designers Henri Lavallard-boget et Julie Legros were exploring a disused sanatorium. By chance they stumbled upon an old school resin chair shell from the 50’s. Nobody knows how, but they came up with the idea of remaking this model with concrete instead of resin. They started working hard with cement, fibreglass and steel rod to make the dream happened. Months later, they did it. They managed to put all together to make the first concrete chairs in the world and unexpectedly, the chair was super comfy. When they came to show us the finished project, we loved it so much that we challenged them to create a complete collection of concrete seating.

Concrete armchairs

You can’t get a range of concrete seats out without going through the design of armchairs. Our two new designers have well passed this stage, and the two Hauteville concrete armchairs were born. The high concrete armchair fits perfectly at the end of a dining table, in an office facing your computer, or in a waiting room. The low concrete armchair will be ideal to read your book in your living room, or next to your fireplace. Lighter and more durable than a club chair, it is nonetheless iconic.

Concrete counter chair and concrete bar stool 

They are the centrepiece of a bar or kitchen. Bar stools and counter chairs are the icing on the cake of decoration. The design of their seats is like the other items of the collection: the smooth, soft-touch concrete hugs your lower back. Only the height changes between our two models. The concrete bar stool seat is 77 cm high, while the concrete counter chair seat is 66 cm high. 

Wood and concrete chairs

Combining raw concrete with plywood, another beautiful tribute to building materials, and what a contrast. It is the perfect balance between brutalism and elegance. In the continuity of the Hauteville collection, our designers have created three models combining wood and concrete, the concrete chair with wooden leg, the concrete counter chair with wooden leg, and one of our products that undoubtedly has the most character, the concrete rocking chair with wooden runner.

Other types of original concrete benches and stools

Browse through our other collections, and you will see other more original types of seating. The singleton collection includes a tooth-like concrete stool and the perspective collection includes a concrete bench that follows the lines of the items of the same collection.