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November 25, 2022

LB FEAT. cinqpoints

Cinqpoints is a French brand that creates and publishes games, stationery products and office accessories around the culture of architecture.

If you follow the Lyon Béton brand, you know our passion for architecture. Just like the architects we admire, we are obsessed with the aesthetics of form, the harmony of ratios and the use that humans will make of our creations. We found this obsession at cinqpoints and its founder Larence Calafat. The universe she […]

Restaurant in the Marais in Paris, with its toilets equipped with our


November 09, 2022

Small clouds in the Marais, Paris

The People opens a new address in Paris. Guess who equipped the toilets?

Après Bercy, Nation et Belleville, c’est dans le Marais que The People ouvre son quatrième établissement hybride parisien qui brouille les frontières entre hôtel, auberge de jeunesse, bar et restaurant. 400 lits répartis en dortoirs, chambres doubles et chambres familles. complété par un bar, restaurant à la future programmation festive sur 700 m² : le […]

Nasty on concrete canvas Frag exhibition in Paris October 2022


October 06, 2022

Frag feat. Nasty

Nasty works on Frag and exhibits in Paris @Brugier Rigail gallery

Nasty obviously has loved working on Frag. Just a few weeks after we delivered him a good twenty of our Frag concrete frames, Nasty created a new series of unique and striking works. The artist is exhibited in the Brugier-Rigail gallery in Paris. NASTY – OEUVRES SUR BÉTONS An exhibition to be seen from 6 […]


October 06, 2022

François Pompon on Frag feat. M’Brick & Benn

François Pompon's polar bear in Lego bricks on a concrete frame Frag by M'Brick, enhanced by Benn.

For the 100th anniversary of the creation of François Pompon’s polar bear, the artist M’Brick, known for his amazing works made with Lego pieces, set himself the challenge of creating 100 paintings representing the famous polar bear. For these collages in the street, the Lego bricks are glued directly on the walls, notably on the […]


July 14, 2022

Lucie Albon

Illustrator The soft and poetic universe of this illustrator from Lyon was first revealed in her books and comics. Her characters quickly escaped in giant murals that embellish our cities. We managed to capture some of them on our FRAG concrete frames a few years ago. Lucie Albon delights us with a new collaboration on […]


June 29, 2022


Since emerging in the 1960s, Urban art has remained one of the most dynamic and beloved formes of popular art. Sixty years later, you think somebody would’ve come up with a way to bring urban art from the street into the home. Alas.à l’intérieur est encore compliqué. That’s why Lyon Béton created FRAG—to give graffiti […]

Tips & Tricks

February 05, 2022

DOC, concrete vinyl records storage

The perfect vinyl display rack to isolate a selection of records When designer and artist Bertrand Jayr designed the doc inspired by the computer directory icon, it was to make a magazine rack. But like Bertrand, we buy vinyl records more often than magazines and the idea of using it as a LP record rack […]

Shooting sessions

April 04, 2021


A couple of our friends recently changed their lives to embark on a very respectable adventure: making good wine! Jean and Stéphanie have recently settled in the Beaujolais region in Arbuissonnas, they have named their small wine estate, partly Beaujolais Village and partly Brouilly, l’Arbuissonnière. We let you discover why on their website. At the […]